Top Tips: Single Mums ~ why it’s important to have a love life…

Top Tips: Single Mums ~ why it’s important to have a love life…

Disclaimer: This post is a sponsored one. E Harmony contacted me and asked to write an article for my blog particularly targeting single mums.  Given that I’m a mum, albeit not a single one (I live with my three kids but have a loving, committed partner living elsewhere – although soon we hope to rectify that), and the fact that I’ve watched the E Harmony ads and thought to myself that they’d be the mob I’d use if I was in the market for some relationship hunting, I said yes. So, here ’tis. Ad break music begin…


Single mums are some of the busiest people around. More often than not, they’re doing the work of two parents – helping kids with homework, taking them to after school activities, doing all the housework and grocery shopping plus usually working full or part-time. It’s a tough job, and sometimes it can be overwhelming. Here are some top tips on dating as a single mother.


Everyone deserves a second chance at love.

Chances are you’ve got a major broken relationship in your past. You have to move on and forget the problems of previous relationships; they won’t all be like that. However, it’s important to analyse what went wrong and how to avoid making the same mistakes again. If you learn to recognise and avoid them, it will help in a new relationship.


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You deserve fun and happiness.

Being a mum really is hard work – especially if you’re doing it alone. You’ve definitely earned some time off for yourself. Enlist the help of family, friends and trusted babysitters to watch over the kids a few hours a week so you can spend time doing something specifically for you: whether that’s dating, a new hobby or class or going out with friends. Don’t feel like you have to be a slave to your kids or your job 24/7.


Get out there!

There are many ways to meet new people (click here to find out more). You could take a language course; or join a sports team or an amateur dramatic society. Online dating sites, like, are a particularly easy way to ease into dating. You can pick and choose according to things like lifestyle, time commitments, interests and goals.


Choose your moment to tell the kids.


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Your kids might have difficulty accepting a new partner in your life and theirs. Let them know that you’re dating as it’s important to be honest, but hold off actually introducing anyone until you’ve met someone special, then ease them into life as part of your family. If it works out, they’ll have to get along with your kids too.

A lot of the time, mothers think of themselves as being in ‘mum mode’ or ‘work mode’, ‘friends mode’ or ‘family mode’ – this doesn’t leave much space to be in ‘dating mode or even ‘relationship mode’. However, it’s important to get the ‘me’ time that goes along with dating. The fun of dressing up and going out without the kids is important for your sense of self – and sanity!


(Editors note: I love the last comment…going out and being without kids – uhuh, sanity inducing for sure.)

When You Least Expect It


regrowth When You Least Expect It


Sometimes things appear in your life when you least expect it.

A hug…with two arms, a body that embraces all of yours…from someone who is present to you at that moment, right when you need them to be.

A beautiful text message from someone who you really didn’t know cared.

A divine meal cooked for you with love for love.

A car drive to a place where the wind makes you feel like you can breathe again, and where the peace is tangible.

A single look from that person; one that sears through your soul, cutting it up, splaying you open and then puts you all back together again until you are how you were always supposed to be.

An impetuous giggle about something absurdly unfunny…just because you finally find absurdly unfunny things funny again.

A moment when relief, fear, contentment, grief, beauty and bliss all reside together in perfect oxymoronic harmony.


When you least expect it, the beauty of life rears up its divinely scary head and waves goodbye to fear.

Gratitude sets in and that little hole which became a huge chasm quickly gets filled with the potential of everything.


We are all a little bit lost.  Until we are found.







What death threats, gaming and being a woman have in common?

What death threats, gaming and being a woman have in common?



Big news.  I’m back writing with the delicious bunch of bloggers (we now calling ourselves columnists – I feel a little bit spesh) for The Shake again as their resident gamer columnist.

You can find my latest article Sexism and Gaming:The Real Virus over there right now.  It wasn’t easy to write this one because I just didn’t want to admit to the toxic vitriol that has woven itself through the fabric of the gaming subculture.

I expect a bit of a backlash in the tone of  ’toughen up Princess’ when the ‘men’ see it  but we will see.

Maybe I underestimate them.

Enjoy, and please do comment with your own experiences if you’re a girl gamer.

Peace x


image What death threats, gaming and being a woman have in common?



Managing My Crazy. Not.

Managing My Crazy. Not.

Ever wondered how previously stay-at-home self-employed Mum’s of three small children return to full time work without losing their mental capacity to string more than a sentence together, stay awake past 9pm and still manage to do all the Mama Kat things while being successful at their new job?  Newsflash: It’s freakin’ hard.

It has been a challenge…to state the understated.

So, something had to give and yet again, this blog was it.

I love teaching.  I love my family.  I love my bed.  But, personally, intimately and for my own way to manage my internal dialogue of crazy, I need to write, I need to dance, I need to cosy up in my hammock, I need to fill up my well of love with much beauty, peace and contentment.

Just two weeks in and I’ve not done a whole lot of those four things.

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Unicorns Are Pooping Rainbows: What Matters Today

I was going to write about teachers’ strikes, Tony Abbott, the right to gay marriage and whether working mothers can  really ‘have it all’.

But you know what? I’m not going to.

I’ve been reminded, yet again, what really matters.

An infectious giggle.

A two-armed squeezy hug.

A smile that says, “I really really trust you … I love you … You are everything to me … I need you”.


IMG 2119 225x300 Unicorns Are Pooping Rainbows: What Matters Today

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A Celebration Of Being Powerfully Female: Being A Cunning Linguist REVAMPED

7008399 s 1 A Celebration Of Being Powerfully Female: Being A Cunning Linguist REVAMPED

Sexually explicit topics and links to sexually explicit websites feature in this post. This post is strictly for adults (and mature ones at that) only.

“Guys have ONE switch: ON/OFF. Women are like the cockpit of a 747.” – unknown


On this International Women’s Day Eve Eve,  it’s time that the women of the world had a chance to shout out their need for more oral sex satisfaction of the decent variety. No more should we suffer silently as our lovers impart joyless foreplay in the form of random tongue darting, pointless male-porn-star-replicated tickle action, or generic vacuum-like sucking on random parts of non-sexual-nerve-enhanced genitalia until you feel like your insides are going to appear outside.

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Cinnamon Almond Milkshake And A Whinge

Cinnamon Almond Milkshake And A Whinge

I know I don’t normally do recipes but I’m going to start.

I’m on this ridiculously bizarre diet at the moment where it’s easier to write what I can eat than what I can’t because the cant’s just takes to long…but here goes.

NO grains, legumes, soy and soy products, meat (unless grass fed), dairy, apples, tomatoes, potatoes, sweet potatoes, quinoa/ancient grains, processed food and no sugar, honey, rice syrup, maple syrup or any other sweetener, natural or otherwise, no herbal tea (I KNOW!), coffee, soda’s, juice (unless home made)…no alcohol.

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