Steampunk: Not all Goggles And Gadgets

Steampunk: Not all Goggles And Gadgets


107320444 o Steampunk: Not all Goggles And Gadgets


I have finally hit the big time…again.

I am a fashionista.

You better believe it….even though my friends (all except my ever-loyal Ruby Daze) would scream, ‘Gads, she is not!’.

And, no, for your information, I’m not sitting here in Ishka see-through black cotton capri pants (wearing bikini bottoms underneath makes it okay), an op-shopped sailor tshirt and a re-gifted (thanks Mum) black singlet, topped off with a crown of insanely untamed crazy hair (I had a migraine and couldn’t bear to brush it – hence … hair mayhem).

No, that is not Angelica Minx sitting there, trying to sabotage her new fashionista status, feeling the shame.


So, why am I the newest and sassiest thing in fashion bloggers?


I wrote an article on Steampunk for Solitude Magazine.


steampunk free bird colour by karla chan d386bz1 300x204 Steampunk: Not all Goggles And Gadgets


Here’s a snippet…contain your excitement (that is not sarcasm)…

“..Corsetry and gowns that even Dita Von Teese couldn’t dream up, leather boleros that would put Lara Croft to shame, compasses, metal head and armpieces, pocket watches, top hats and tails, long frock coats, wings, Neo-Victorian romantic fitted corset coats and blouses, goth-inspired buckle rider boots, and anything with a Victorian/Edwardian flavour, particularly in brown or dark colours, and you have fallen upon the pure, untamed joys of steampunk…”


steampunk angel 1680x1050 69723 300x187 Steampunk: Not all Goggles And Gadgets


Sound scrummy?  Why, yes, it is.

I’ve always been in lust with everything out of the ordinary, especially things that seek to flout normality and breathe to rebel against the status quo.  In the same way that 1950s cheesecake vintage exude conformist ideals, steampunk seems to give it the bird.


steampunk 300x225 Steampunk: Not all Goggles And Gadgets


So, do yourself a favour, check out the next issue of Solitude Magazine, even if it’s just to be part of the rise of Angelica Minx onto the world stage of fashion.

Paris and Milan here we come.



drib 141 Steampunk: Not all Goggles And Gadgets


Photo credits:

Karla Chan for the steampunk bird image

Christmas Shopping And Being Rescued By Bananas In Pyjamas

Christmas Shopping And Being Rescued By Bananas In Pyjamas

Today I committed the sin of all sins.

I broke the rules of keeping personal peace.

I set loose the Monster Mama Kat.

I did the opposite of Fudderwacken on Frabjous Day…(Alice In Wonderland quote for those who are wondering – see link).


fudderwaken 300x168 Christmas Shopping And Being Rescued By Bananas In Pyjamas


I attempted Christmas shopping with a tired, grumpy, bored four year old.

talktothehand Christmas Shopping And Being Rescued By Bananas In Pyjamas


I was shown a lot of ‘Talk To The Hand’ because …

this little Mama Kat didn’t bring any water…or food…or toys…or colouring pencils.

Or patience.


Motherhood fail.


Luckily my four year old, Bossy Britches, found some ribbon left over from a parcel that BettyShoe had sent me and created her own safety harness so that she didn’t get lost.  She tied it around her waist then around my new BettyShoe bag, the Flora Tote.

You know you are having a really bad mothering day when you didn’t notice that your child had tied herself to your bag until an hour after she did it.

bettyshoeromay 300x300 Christmas Shopping And Being Rescued By Bananas In Pyjamas

On the bright side, it is good that she realised that she’d have to take her personal safety into her own hands.

Intense motherhood fail.


Then, after a sushi nibble, a Boost juice and a million purchases later with money I shouldn’t have spent, it dawned on me that I had two new kid’s Iphone apps to review, and an intense need for the title holder for the Guinness World Record Holder for World’s Largest Coffee.

coffee Christmas Shopping And Being Rescued By Bananas In Pyjamas


The first app, Bananas in Pyjamas Beach fun ($1.99) is about sun safety and sand play.  The chirpy bananas cheered my little Bossy Britches on while she built and decorated sandcastles, squirted sunscreen on the two animated babysitters and then dressed them up in sunnies and hats.

Aimed at children between the ages of two and four, this charmed my wee kidlet and allowed me to sip the blessed relief of caffeine enough to regain my waning strength for the long drive home.

BF1 new 1 300x200 Christmas Shopping And Being Rescued By Bananas In Pyjamas

Bananas in Pyjamas Beach Fun is a pretty simple game and easy to navigate for Iphone savvy preschoolers.  I thought it might be a tad young and limited for my little Apple guru to enjoy but I was completely wrong, and it’s a huge favourite.

BF3 1 300x200 Christmas Shopping And Being Rescued By Bananas In Pyjamas


The other app, Bananas in Pyjamas Say Cheese is one I knew Bossy Britches would adore.

I am the Mummy Paparazzi and she is my top celeb.

This app allows the child to take centre stage, take a photo, choose a Bananas in Pyjamas frame then decorate it with themed stickers.

While not as simple in terms of navigation as the previous app, Bossy Britches still loved it.  She needs help and occasionally the app has frozen.

The jury is still out for me – it’s a fabulous concept and perfect for children who love to pose (like their Mum) – but it seems to lack something when all the stickers are chosen.  It saves into the photo stream and that’s the end of the game.  Bossy Britches always, ALWAYS, says, ‘so, what do I do now’ after she’s finished decorating the photo and I have to explain to her that she has to take another picture and start all over again.

SC1 300x200 Christmas Shopping And Being Rescued By Bananas In Pyjamas

At $2.99, and with the looming boredom factor of said Britches of Bossiness, I think this app may be a tad overpriced.  I might be being a bit tight but so many children’s apps are under a dollar, or free, and I’m not sure that this one is any better than those.

It also is suggested at being suitable for ages two-five.  I can’t see a two or three year old being able to play this game alone or for any length of time as it just doesn’t manage to sustain interest for too long.

My four year old is very tech savvy – everything is treated like an Apple device and when it doesn’t respond to a finger swipe, I get asked why it doesn’t work properly – and yet, she still struggled with this app’s navigation to a degree.  I would suggest an age bracket of four to seven, as my seven year old boy adored this app even more than his sister.

All in all, I really do have to thank B1 and B2 for babysitting my child for those happy 30 minutes today.

An empire state building-sized coffee has never tasted so good and peace within Christmas shopping chaos was returned to both a frazzled Mama Kat and her mini me.

And…as usual, to contribute my bit in your journey back from the abyss, I’m offering you a free reusable token for Bananas in Pyjamas rescue in the form of their new DVD, The Magic Trick.  Guaranteed to allow Mama Kat’s to enjoy large bowls of coffee during the VERY LONG Christmas holidays, the best babysitters going (aka B1 and B2) get up to their usual mischevious capers in eight episodes.

the magic trick 211x300 Christmas Shopping And Being Rescued By Bananas In Pyjamas


To be eligible to win The Magic Trick, you must do the following:

*Follow me on twitter

*Follow me on facebook

*Tell me in 25 words or less what you do with your kidlets when all thoughts of maintaining Minxdom are lost, you’ve misplaced Mama Kat and ridden the slippery slope back to Mumsie and you’re in desperate need to stop the pressure cooker lid from flying off.  Translated…what do you do to fill up your well of patience, peace and love in the craziness of kid-infused Summer holidays?

Entries must be in by 31st December 2012 and will be announced on this blog.

Please remember to tell us who you are and how to contact you so that we can send you the prize if you win.


Note: Angelica knows that television, Iphone apps, computer games and all screeny things are not really babysitters. She is a pretty good Mum (even if she does say so herself) but at Christmas, one will do whatever it takes to stop screaming and balling like a banshee in the middle of shopping centres.


Disclosure: I received complimentary downloads of the Bananas in Pyjamas iPhone apps and a giveaway copy of  Bananas in Pyjamas “The Magic Trick”  DVD  courtesy of ABC for Kids via Digital Parents. No financial payment was offered nor accepted for this post. All opinions expressed are purely my own.

* Congrats to Kim for her entry mentioning bubbles and bubbles. You’ve won your family a Banana’s in Pjs DVD.*

Christmas Naff And Holiday Tack … Please Tell Me Why?

Christmas Naff And Holiday Tack … Please Tell Me Why?

y Christmas Naff And Holiday Tack ... Please Tell Me Why?


Somebody please tell me why.

Why is it okay to wear little flashing Rudolph earrings at Christmas?

Why is it deemed acceptable to don a ‘Grandma special’ seasonal sweater, complete with little snow pom poms that jiggle when you walk?

Why do retailers think that paying $178 for a pair of the most naff Christmas wreath earrings is a fair price (see below)?

Yet, most of the seasonally-themed joys (sarcasm at its most heightened) that grace our department store shelves are quite cheap.  There is a reason for that – shall I say it – it’s because they are cheap…and I don’t mean in terms of currency.

And…if one more person buys me a Sexy Santa outfit, I will smile and ask for the receipt poison their egg nog.

The only time any adult should ever be seen wearing any of the items featured in the above picture (or their like) is at a costume party, or if he/she is a teacher – and then, it is only acceptable to wear during school hours.

Well..actually, I retract that statement.  Not entirely sure what I was thinking…I don’t think a teacher should rock up to school wearing a Sexy Santa outfit. Teachers should never wear a Sexy Santa costume, even if one of … I’m. Going. To. Stop. Typing. About. This. Now.

Having blasted all those who cherish their beloved holiday naffishness, I will admit to purchasing the most ridiculously daggy plastic Christmas decorations, including but not exclusive to, a pair of all singing, all dancing seasonally dressed penguins, a Santa hanging from a hot air balloon (hot air balloons?!?) that sings ‘Santa Claus is Coming To Town’ (for three times only, after which I will have removed batteries and shoved said Santa back violently into the box).

But…I HAVE KIDS!  Kids love tat and they expect it.  Grandma’s love tat (hasty generalisation here – sorry funky Grandparents) and they create it (again, generalisation – apologies)…and parents of aforementioned children (who love Christmas tat) have to decorate the house with naff holiday objects for a few weeks in December.  I’m okay with that, and I would go so far as to even say that I embrace it.

But, it does not mean we have to wear it.

Mrs Scrooge..signing out.

47819781 Christmas Naff And Holiday Tack ... Please Tell Me Why?

Christmas top
$50 -

47899972 Christmas Naff And Holiday Tack ... Please Tell Me Why?

£6 -

45806411 Christmas Naff And Holiday Tack ... Please Tell Me Why?

Dolci Gioie leaf jewelry
$178 -

46807070 Christmas Naff And Holiday Tack ... Please Tell Me Why?

Christmas jewelry
£7 -

47872588 Christmas Naff And Holiday Tack ... Please Tell Me Why?

Christmas jewelry
£4 -

47336941 Christmas Naff And Holiday Tack ... Please Tell Me Why?

$1 -

46003014 Christmas Naff And Holiday Tack ... Please Tell Me Why?

46491593 Christmas Naff And Holiday Tack ... Please Tell Me Why?

46613059 Christmas Naff And Holiday Tack ... Please Tell Me Why?

47221439 Christmas Naff And Holiday Tack ... Please Tell Me Why?

Monsoon Stars Garland
£13 -

46805055 Christmas Naff And Holiday Tack ... Please Tell Me Why?

The Tiniest Blog Post In The World (Well…Not Really)

The Tiniest Blog Post In The World (Well…Not Really)

pudding 300x233 The Tiniest Blog Post In The World (Well...Not Really)

Hiya lovelies…

I don’t normally post every single day, unless I’m in demand … which, actually, just thinking about it, is every day…but here I am…posting again.

Blog addict – yes.

I thought I’d let you know what is coming up in the Land of the Minx over the next fortnight.

While you are all scoffing down gravy-drowned roast turkey, mouth-meltable buttery roast potatoes followed by lashings of brandy creamed pudding…I’m so hungry now…I will be dining on ham sandwiches and fizz.  Yes, this Christmas will be little in terms of caloric intake (Thanks Tough Mudder) and large in terms of fizzy alcoholic.  And, I know what you’re thinking … see my post from earlier this week – I am not an alcoholic, I just enjoy my bubbles.

This fortnight, I am going to attempt the impossible.  I am going to try to watch my diet over Christmas.


Insane, yes.

Likelihood of success, pretty close to zero.

I’ll let you know how I go.

All prayers would be appreciated.

Onto more exciting things…

As per mad Angelica Minx tweets, it’s a giveaway bonanza over the Christmas and New Year period.

In the treasure haul will be two Glamourflage lip glosses from their new range, a Banana in Pyjamas DVD (not very Minx themed – but there’s an angle – wait and see!), three double passes to Midsumma theatre and anything else I can lay my tickly fingers on.

Then there’s the reviews…shoes and bags from BettyShoe, cosmetics from Glamourflage, vintage finds from newly-found local haunts and a personal tally of my Christmas caloric intake (exciting stuff)…you name it, I’m all over it.

I plan to bite the hairy todger off 2011 and ring in 2012 with raucous revelry.

In the meantime, I’m off to watch BBC comedies, love up my man-child and visit the Land of Pillows and Blankets.

Happy Christmas/Yule/Litha/Family Festival/Drink and Eatathon…

Night all.

Angelica xx

P.S Sorry about the lack of images. WordPress 3.3 upgrade has sorely let the side down and won’t let me upload anything except that piddly pudding…which actually looks bloody amazing.


Loving the Solitude: New Alternative Magazine Allure

Loving the Solitude: New Alternative Magazine Allure

Apparently, they are issuing in a “new era in alternative magazines”.

Apparently, they are “jam packed with alternative goodness”.

Apparently, they have now reached number 15 in the list for Top 20 Fashion and Beauty magazines.


top 15 Loving the Solitude: New Alternative Magazine Allure

Not bad for a baby magazine barely off it’s mother’s nipple.

The big guns must be quaking in their boots.

Enter a team of up-to-stuff, committed individuals with lashings of media and modelling industry knowledge, and you have Solitude Magazine; a nationally distributed magazine that aims to swing open the doors to the world of the alternative, in all its forms, and in a personal and unique style.


304082 254396761274141 217902638256887 653221 307869382 n Loving the Solitude: New Alternative Magazine Allure

Certainly the very first thing that grabbed my attention when I read the magazine cover to cover, (whilst sipping a Chardonnay at my three hour hair salon visit last week … yes…Lusher with a capital L), was that it lacks the plastic perfection that oozes out of many of the magazines listed above them in the Top 20, and instead, brings individuality, creativity and beauty in difference.

I’d much rather see photographs of men and women with real faces, interesting expressions, piercings, tatts, unique hair designs, fabulous colours, wearing amazing clothes and costumes.  I expect that the people who will buy this magazine will be like me…very utterly and completely over the plastic Barbie “I’m too cute for my tiny, undersized bikini with my perfect arse, tits and teeth” look.

So…we have a tick in the modelling and photographic box.


solitude 300x199 Loving the Solitude: New Alternative Magazine Allure


How about the content?

Solitude is definitely an all-rounder.  In the Dec/Jan 2012 issue, it offered up a fantabulous article on the “The Art of Burlesque” by Lila Luxx (definitely worth a read for all those chicks who have emailed me asking to explain what burlesque is), a really interesting review of what’s sizzling in the alternative music scene and an expose into the fashion world of Second Life (an online virtual world – and very VERY addictive).

On top of that, Solitude featured some articles on where to get some seriously scrummy wardrobe additions, upcoming events, model interviews, an Ask Our Psychic section (every fab mag HAS to have a psychic), and photo-rich coverage of local alternative events.  Solitude Magazine is definitely eye candy.  The photographs are divine, the models are unique and the fashion is … swoonable.

solitude 2 Loving the Solitude: New Alternative Magazine Allure


With a 20 year background in media myself, I rate it at the top of its genre and, genuinely only had two minor criticisms.

Firstly, many of the ads and events covered seemed to be slanted particularly towards a Brisbane (and maybe, Sydney) audience.  To be fair, I know that Solitude is new, are based in Brisbane, and that they do take advertisers from all over Australia, and of course, that there are only so many stories they can cover in one magazine. I’m just not sure that I felt that all the states were represented.  So much beautiful alternative loving-up goes on down here in the south…I hope they shine their light on us before too long.

Secondly, I would love to see a few more in-depth feature articles that dig right into the nitty gritty of the hidden zones of the vast and varied alternative lifestyles.  I’m pretty sure this is coming though, because Solitude’s Director, Daryl, gave me a sneaky hint into the next issue, pegging it as a bumper release focussing more on the ‘personal’ from people in the alternative industry.

Solitude certainly has it’s niche all sewn up, with it’s inaugural event, Brisbane’s Unleashed coming up next March, set to skyrocket the magazine even further up that Top 20 list.

It will definitely appeal to all those seeking a mag tailored to the ever-growing love for all things Kustom Kulture, pin up, rockabilly, steampunk, vintage, peculiar, offbeat and dare I say it again…alternative.

solitdue Loving the Solitude: New Alternative Magazine Allure

Available online and at newsagencies nationally, (and about to launch in New Zealand), this is a part of the print media that is carving a permanent piece of rainbow-coloured turf out of all that black bitumen currently available.

Solitude Magazine can be found at (True Blood fans unite and dance in vampiric rejoicing as soon as page loading begins) and on their facebook page.

For Angelica Minx readers who want to love up some Solitude, you can purchase it directly from them at $7.00 a copy including postage if you buy directly from their site AND within 14 days of this post.  Be sure to mention that you are an Angelica Minx reader to obtain the deal.


Note: Angelica Minx was not paid, coerced or promised anything for this post.  She did receive a copy of their magazine to review but, in the future, she will also accept expensive bottles of bubbles and maybe some Mayan Gold chocolate for good measure.


All photographic credits go to Solitude Magazine and D.H.A Media Group Pty Ltd.

Weekly Wifle: I’m not an alcoholic, I just like fizzy drinks

Weekly Wifle: I’m not an alcoholic, I just like fizzy drinks

Today has really left me wondering why Mums, well, my circle of Minx’s aka Mama Kats, seem to all pop open a bottle of Seaview Cuvee Riche or Yellowglen Pink at 4pm.

On the dot.

ygpink 300x300 Weekly Wifle: Im not an alcoholic, I just like fizzy drinks

Are our kids really that intolerable?

Are we really that unsupported?

Do we really feel that weighed down that we need fizzy love to make it all bearable?

Now, firstly, let me say, there is no judgement coming from this corner of the ring.  I love, adore, cherish my glass or four of bubbly pleasure at any time, not just 4pm.  When I’m with my best friend of 10 years, Ruby Daze, I have been known to guzzle one down before the clock strikes twelve.

bubbles2 300x233 Weekly Wifle: Im not an alcoholic, I just like fizzy drinks

This was actually mine and Ruby Daze’s initial order of drinks last Sunday night. It was Happy Hour.  House sparkling was $3 a glass. We had seven minutes left of said Happy Hour. Can you blame us?

Back to the topic at hand…

Maybe if I explain my day, it’ll help you understand where I’m coming from.

After a late wake up at 8am (gads!), which caused a Mama-crazed, bleary-eyed attempt at getting my kids to school on time, I texted my surrogate big brother, as I always do, with my ‘I’m grateful for’  (we text each other an ‘I’m grateful for …’ every day without fail).  Didn’t get much back so I’m assuming it wasn’t a very grateful-ish kind of day.  Mine was pretty lame. I think I said I was grateful for air or something equally as pathetic.

today 300x300 Weekly Wifle: Im not an alcoholic, I just like fizzy drinks

Then ensued the usual, ‘I’m driving home from school drop off and I need to blather on about nothing to anyone who will listen’.

In the space of 10 minutes (the time it takes for me to get from school to the makers of the best skinny mochas ever), I had spoken to four different Mums.

At some point in the conversation, all of them mentioned alchohol.  There were several requests for injections of whisky into morning coffees, one rather angsty beg for sleep and the need for a drink to knock her out (she has two sets of twins – 18 months apart – all boys – it keeps getting better doesn’t it – she deserves a knock out drink).

My last friend, and the most honest of all, described to me in a few short sentences how unsupported she felt, how taken for granted she felt and how much she just needed to breathe, be in her own skin and feel young again (she’s 32).  A pre-dinner drink is her staple.  We have been honest with each other in that we both agree that sometimes it helps us to block out noise, relax and not sweat the small stuff.

bubbles 300x300 Weekly Wifle: Im not an alcoholic, I just like fizzy drinks

So, by 10am I had heard the stories of four women.  All had had rough mornings and all had mentioned alcohol as means to relaxation and blocking out noise, annoyance, pressures…life.

None of these women are alcoholics.  They are up-to-stuff, beautiful, loving, caring, productive women who are independent, strong and fabulously modern parents and partners.  So, why think of having a drink before having a wifle (what-I-feel-like-expressing) with a gal pal, or meditating, or thinking of ways to fill up your own well of love?

I feel like a bit of a phoney talking about this like Mrs Righteous.  Just so we’re clear, I’m sitting here right now sipping on a scrummy glass of sparkling with a platter of pumpernickel bread, Jackie Havarti cheese and some spinach and pinenut dip.  Sounds pretty yum, eh?

It is.

Ner ner ner ner ner.

I also had two glasses of Yellowglen Pink – at 4pm.

See? Minus zero judgement. Just musings of a madwoman tipsy woman.

I wonder if it’s habit.  Relaxation at the bottom of a glass is much easier than finding time to meditate, sweat it out at a yoga class or verbalise one’s pain on the phone (which can further stir up and unearth more ‘stuff’ as you speak it out loud).

CGDC010 Weekly Wifle: Im not an alcoholic, I just like fizzy drinks

So then the questions have to be asked…

Is it healthy to reach for the bottle post-school pick up?

Are we teaching our kids the wrong thing?

Some lobby groups would have us believe that asking our kids to grab a beer out of the fridge for us is child abuse.  I think at a certain age this is fine…kids aren’t stupid. It’s not like I’d ask my 4 year old to fetch me a can of CC & Coke, I wouldn’t even ask my 10 year old.  But, a 13 year old…sure, I wouldn’t mind given an assumption of a mature-ish teenage mind, and obviously, that there is no history of alcohol abuse.  In the end, the alcohol isn’t the issue, the addiction is.  Kids know the difference.

I think the question of health for me is more about the mother’s needs.  What is she not getting?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a glass or ten glasses of something fizzy and beautiful in the right circumstances.  Bring it on, especially if it starts with Bollinger.

bolle 300x300 Weekly Wifle: Im not an alcoholic, I just like fizzy drinks

But, I wonder if my girls, my Mama Kats, my circle of Minx’s need something more.

Maybe they need a bit more love, and not the horizontal hokey pokey kind.  They need more nurturing, kindness and ‘I’ll do that for you, honey, and you go put your feet up’ from their men (as they are handed a fishbowl glass of fizz).

If there are any men out there reading this, step up to your woman.  She is unlikely to ask for help, especially if she’s strong, independent and capable.

This is a call out  to all husbands, partners and lovers on behalf of all Mama Kats who need a bit of strength injected into their sagging support structures.

romance 300x300 Weekly Wifle: Im not an alcoholic, I just like fizzy drinks

A partnership is such that sometimes two walk side by side and sometimes one lags behind. When that happens, the one in front walks back, offers to give the other one a piggy back, or walks a bit slower until the other one catches up.

Now, back to my own lolly bobble bliss bomb of bubbles…

blissful bubbles and me1 300x300 Weekly Wifle: Im not an alcoholic, I just like fizzy drinks

Old Hollywood Glamour Mama Kat to Minx – Victory Rolls

Old Hollywood Glamour Mama Kat to Minx – Victory Rolls

victory roll1 Old Hollywood Glamour Mama Kat to Minx   Victory Rolls


V is for Victory.

And victory rolls are for Va Va Voom!

I never would’ve thought that the infamous hairstyle of the 1950s era, the victory roll, was so easy to do.

My weekday mornings usually consist of getting my crazy kidlets up, dressed and ready for school, not primping and preening in front of the mirror.  I do manage to escape the dodgy suburban leopard print leggings with weetbix-dirtied t-shirt and muddy moccasins, but I definitely wouldn’t win any glamour competitions at school drop off.  Honestly, it’s all I can do to get all three of them out of the door on time whilst looking less like street urchins and more like fed and watered children.

ponytail 286x300 Old Hollywood Glamour Mama Kat to Minx   Victory Rolls

So, for a long time, it’s been polka dot rockabilly head bands (I still cling onto some measure of style) and hastily pulled up messy ponytails.  And then I found the victory roll.  It is seriously as easy and quick to do as a ponytail, and looks a whole lot more stylish and glamourous.

victory rolls 21 Old Hollywood Glamour Mama Kat to Minx   Victory Rolls

Having super thick hair that absolutely will not be tamed – it even manages to outwit the amazing heat of GHD straighteners – I don’t even need to teese my hair to get the body and height needed to achieve the perfect v-roll.

There are oodles of how-to videos out there on youtube and after countless hours ‘researching’, (youtube is a blackhole and for some reason, I ended up watching some girl dancing to Justin Timberlake dressed as a human hot dog), here’s a fabulous one from Retrochick.  It is easily the most simple and straight forward ‘Victory-Roll-Up-Do’ explanation.

aminx vroll Old Hollywood Glamour Mama Kat to Minx   Victory Rolls

After putting the sides up as per Retrochick’s awesome instructional video, I either straighten or curl my hair with my GHD’s, tie it into a loose side plait or roll it into a military bun or Gibson tuck.

All you need is a stack of bobby pins, a hair elastic and hairspray…it’s that easy.

gibson tuck Old Hollywood Glamour Mama Kat to Minx   Victory Rolls






Polyvore Pick and Mix: My Girly Pin Up Staples

Polyvore Pick and Mix: My Girly Pin Up Staples

y Polyvore Pick and Mix: My Girly Pin Up Staples

24433536 Polyvore Pick and Mix: My Girly Pin Up Staples

Tarina Tarantino carved jewelry
$25 -

26226942 Polyvore Pick and Mix: My Girly Pin Up Staples

Haberdash House brooch
15 -

44171850 Polyvore Pick and Mix: My Girly Pin Up Staples

Tom Ford oversized sunglasses
€275 -

45109063 Polyvore Pick and Mix: My Girly Pin Up Staples

TopShop leopard scarve
$32 -


I’m very happy to say that I own almost all of the things featured in this weeks Polyvore Pick and Mix.

The Hoola Hoop clothing Vogue charcoal pencil skirt ($79AU) and both the black and red Greta ($69AU) tops hang in my stuffed-silly wardrobe, patiently waiting to be loved up.

We all know how much I adore Glamourflage’s Sultry Sophie lip and cheek stain ($19.95AU), so that HAD to be included in a Polyvore Pick and Mix about wardrobe staples.

Bettyshoe, of course, received a victorious mention with their stunning Poppy Quilted Cross Body Bag ($45AU) and Jeanie Black Peep Toe (yes, another pair) Stilettos ($45AU).

This set reflects what I wear for work, conferences, and anytime I have to play at being all grown up.  It’s absolutely not Mumsie, yet not quite Minx.  To me, it epitomises old Hollywood pin up style with an edge of contemporary sass.

For the complete rundown on all the items and prices featured in this week’s Polyvore set, follow the link below the picture.

Bettyshoe Bliss – The Top Gear Road Test for Betty’s shoes and bags

Bettyshoe Bliss – The Top Gear Road Test for Betty’s shoes and bags

bettyshoelogo Bettyshoe Bliss   The Top Gear Road Test for Bettys shoes and bags

Last month, I received an email from the lovely gals over at bettyshoe asking me if they could sponsor my blog and if I’d like to review their shoes.  Me, the shoe-aholic, the girl with high heel hopes, the chicklet with another house needed for all her bags, shoes, scarves and hats (never mind the family, we know which has precedence)…a good fit, you think?  I did.

So, here ’tis…The long awaited bettyshoe trial, review and loving up.

parcel 300x300 Bettyshoe Bliss   The Top Gear Road Test for Bettys shoes and bags

I can honestly say that I have put the Cleopatra Gold sandals (Billini), Shana Camel sandals (Billini) and the Carrie Gold Bag (Oxygen) through their serious paces.  I do believe that I have done for bettyshoe shoes and bags what Top Gear does for cars, in terms of truly giving them a proper workout.

3 Images Bettyshoe Bliss   The Top Gear Road Test for Bettys shoes and bags

Throughout the past month, I have paraded them to and from Mama Kat events, including school drop offs, pick ups, kinder excursions (yes, I even wore the Shana Camel sandals to a farm and they returned unscathed), family birthdays and pre-Christmas picnic celebrations.  I even kicked off my shiny red peep toe housework heels for the Cleopatra Gold sandals and waltzed around vacuuming, and I have to say, it was so much more comfortable.

In every case, both the Cleopatra sandals and the Shana Camel sandals met, and surpassed, my every task.  At first wearing, the top of the Shana Camel dented the top of my foot and I found it mildly uncomfortable to wear them for a whole day.  But on the second day, the leather had clearly stretched and I have literally worn them on every single hot day that we have had so far.

The Shana Camel sandal are perfect for any Mama Kat who wants to look more minx than mumsie.  I’ve worn them with rolled up jeans, long summery skirts, pin up – inspired swing dresses and black harem pants…my usual Mama Kat/Yoga chick gear.

shana camel 300x300 Bettyshoe Bliss   The Top Gear Road Test for Bettys shoes and bags

By now most of you will know that I despise feeling Mumsie.  I may have three children under 10, a man-child and a dog to care for.  I might be a work-from-home, country Mum but I do NOT, will NOT, ever be called, feel or attract the mumsie adjective.  But, dragging oneself, and the kidlets, through the usual routine of getting everyone dressed, fed and organised enough to get to school on time usually results in the Mum, aka me, looking suitable only for a complete Trinny and Susannah pity-driven overhaul.

Where once was a hastily pulled back, uneven ponytail, black haviana thongs (flip flops for our USA cousins), now lives stylish victory rolls and Shana Camel sandals.

Goodbye Mumsie, Hello Minx.  These shoes have become my instant transformation into the Land Of Looking Lush.

shana camel 2 300x300 Bettyshoe Bliss   The Top Gear Road Test for Bettys shoes and bags

While I do favour wearing the Shana Camel sandals during the day, I’m certain I could transfer them into an evening item.  Inspired by Zac Posen, Chloe and Rachel Comey, but without the hefty price tag, Shana Camel sandals are scrumptious, comfortable and sassy.

shanacamelsandalalison 255x300 Bettyshoe Bliss   The Top Gear Road Test for Bettys shoes and bags


Then there was the shoe that shouts to the world ‘I-am-an-up-to-stuff-chick’ with every footfall; Cleopatra Gold. Maybe it’s because I have never been one for gold things (I’m traditionally a silver girl) and I’m experiencing the virginal high of first love, or maybe it’s because these shoes really are divinely inspired, but I am now a woman transformed.

cleo gold 300x300 Bettyshoe Bliss   The Top Gear Road Test for Bettys shoes and bags

Normally I would don platform peep toes, or 1950s inspired pin up heels when I’m galavanting about as Angelica Minx.  But this last blessed month, I’ve minxed my way through publicity, marketing and performance events with my Angelica hat on wearing these sandals. I can’t tell you what a relief it has been to be able to look sexy, be comfortable and not worry about falling on my ample backside when presented with the ridiculously steep set of stairs that burlesque performances always seem to be at the end of.  Flat shoes really are able to be as sexy (and a whole lot safer) as the highest of heels…and I can not believe I am really saying that.

cleo2 300x222 Bettyshoe Bliss   The Top Gear Road Test for Bettys shoes and bags

Inspired by Gucci (one of my personal favourites), Paul & Joe and Salvatore Ferragamo, I have worn bettyshoe’s Cleopatra Gold sandals with a high-waisted vintage black trouser suit, a 1940s black and cream wiggle dress and even a pair of recycled 1970s high-waisted black and grey wide leg flares.

When I step out into the world as Angelica Minx, my shoes get noticed.  I get comments on the yummy peep toes (I could keep small European countries in peep toes if asked), platforms and kitten heels that I wear.  When I know it’s going to be a long day of much standing around, I have worn ballet flats and chosen to draw the focus towards my upper wardrobe rather than my feet.

I didn’t do that with my Cleopatra sandals.  Instead, I dress around them; my focal point and the amount of positive comments I received was astounding.  Even my own mother, a self-confessed hater of strong metallic gold colours (I think she was scarred from the 80s), adored these sandals.

cg3 300x300 Bettyshoe Bliss   The Top Gear Road Test for Bettys shoes and bags

Teamed up with the Carrie Gold carry-all handbag and stepping out as Mama Kat or Minx was easy street.

The only thing that I love more than shoes is handbags…well, maybe I love them both the same.

cgandcleo Bettyshoe Bliss   The Top Gear Road Test for Bettys shoes and bags

I have about 40 bags of various shapes, designs, sizes and states of repair (of which most are currently on semi-permanent loan to my friends, in retirement through too much love or in storage) – I am truly a bag whore.  I have no particularly attraction to anything except it must be functional and unique.  I have previously favoured Alannah Hill, vintage op shop purchases and Etsy handbag creations, and steered clear of anything that might feature in a suburban shopping centre.

When I chose my first review order from bettyshoe, I wanted to pick a complete outfit.  Normally I would choose a bag first and match the shoe, but this time I did it the other way around.

Carrie Gold was made to wear with both Cleopatra Gold sandals and the Shana Camels.  It fits EVERYTHING (even my enormous Bliss water bottle) and has the perfect amount of pockets and zips.  Super spacious, stylish and swanky, the Carrie Gold handbag is so practical for any woman who likes to carry all the proper girly stuff.

I have dragged it everywhere with me, Minx and Mama Kat, and the only thing to let me down was the removable silver and gold initial bag charms which got wedged in between my car seat and the seat belt, and the fact that I now get asked to carry my husband’s/friend’s/kids/parents/everyone else’s keys, wallet and phone wherever I go.

cg4 286x300 Bettyshoe Bliss   The Top Gear Road Test for Bettys shoes and bags

Another fabulous price point at $119.95 and you’ve got a Gucci-inspired (yum), practical carry-all to suit any event.

All in all, I adored the frilly knickers off my new bag and shoe additions.

If this review seems one-sided, it is.  And, honest to Goddess, it is because I loved them.  Anything that keeps me feeling and looking sassed up while withstanding country mud and kids then has the ability to carry me through to Strutsville (ala hometown of Angelica Minx) is cheesy grin creating.

Do you think that I’m a tad happy ecstatic that Angelica Minx is now sponsored by bettyshoe … um…yes!

November 1 Bettyshoe Bliss   The Top Gear Road Test for Bettys shoes and bags

BettyShoe offer free worldwide shipping, free bag hook and protective bag pouch with every handbag purchase and a free clear, plastic protective shoe box with every shoe purchase.


Note: Angelica Minx received goods in exchange for this product review. This post was written with fervent passion, honesty and Top Gearesque road testing techniques, although sadly without the rather edible Richard Hammond.