Managing My Crazy. Not.

Ever wondered how previously stay-at-home self-employed Mum’s of three small children return to full time work without losing their mental capacity to string more than a sentence together, stay awake past 9pm and still manage to do all the Mama Kat things while being successful at their new job?  Newsflash: It’s freakin’ hard.

It has been a challenge…to state the understated.

So, something had to give and yet again, this blog was it.

I love teaching.  I love my family.  I love my bed.  But, personally, intimately and for my own way to manage my internal dialogue of crazy, I need to write, I need to dance, I need to cosy up in my hammock, I need to fill up my well of love with much beauty, peace and contentment.

Just two weeks in and I’ve not done a whole lot of those four things.

Things are going to change.

I’m vow to get my funk on…and it’s back to Soul Dance in the valley every Friday night for some serious hippie boogie beats.

I vow to write at least one blog post (and a chapter of my sixth – yes, sixth- novel) each week.

I vow to spend at least 15 minutes each weekend just sitting at the hammock, practising Santosha and surrender.  Bring it on, Master Buddha and Little Ms. Kuan Yin.

If you’re on instagram, facebook or twitter, you will notice though that I’ve still had time for many selfies.  I think I’ve been missing those photo shoots of old.

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So, my darlings, if you’re still following me, thanks.  Jurlique…my blog sponsor…thanks gals.  You peeps rock…and so get the working Mama Kat who is doing an inept job of managing crazy.

Life flows on, as does my river, as does the money out of my bank account, as does the sun go down and the moon come up.  It is beautiful and unchanging.  But, Goddess help me, if there are any working Mama Kat’s out there who can pop me some advice how to manage my life, I’d love you forever!

Do you work full time, with young kids?  Got any advice?  

I bloody need it.  I promise you much virtual love and hugs.

P.S This post was written when I should’ve been preparing dinner, while drinking wine, while screaming kids ranted about how hungry they are around me, while my cats meowed for their dinner, while my phone kept going off as my Mum texted me about her new plant purchase…while, while, while…