Loving the Solitude: New Alternative Magazine Allure

Loving the Solitude: New Alternative Magazine Allure

Apparently, they are issuing in a “new era in alternative magazines”.

Apparently, they are “jam packed with alternative goodness”.

Apparently, they have now reached number 15 in the list for Top 20 Fashion and Beauty magazines.


top 15 Loving the Solitude: New Alternative Magazine Allure

Not bad for a baby magazine barely off it’s mother’s nipple.

The big guns must be quaking in their boots.

Enter a team of up-to-stuff, committed individuals with lashings of media and modelling industry knowledge, and you have Solitude Magazine; a nationally distributed magazine that aims to swing open the doors to the world of the alternative, in all its forms, and in a personal and unique style.


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Certainly the very first thing that grabbed my attention when I read the magazine cover to cover, (whilst sipping a Chardonnay at my three hour hair salon visit last week … yes…Lusher with a capital L), was that it lacks the plastic perfection that oozes out of many of the magazines listed above them in the Top 20, and instead, brings individuality, creativity and beauty in difference.

I’d much rather see photographs of men and women with real faces, interesting expressions, piercings, tatts, unique hair designs, fabulous colours, wearing amazing clothes and costumes.  I expect that the people who will buy this magazine will be like me…very utterly and completely over the plastic Barbie “I’m too cute for my tiny, undersized bikini with my perfect arse, tits and teeth” look.

So…we have a tick in the modelling and photographic box.


solitude 300x199 Loving the Solitude: New Alternative Magazine Allure


How about the content?

Solitude is definitely an all-rounder.  In the Dec/Jan 2012 issue, it offered up a fantabulous article on the “The Art of Burlesque” by Lila Luxx (definitely worth a read for all those chicks who have emailed me asking to explain what burlesque is), a really interesting review of what’s sizzling in the alternative music scene and an expose into the fashion world of Second Life (an online virtual world – and very VERY addictive).

On top of that, Solitude featured some articles on where to get some seriously scrummy wardrobe additions, upcoming events, model interviews, an Ask Our Psychic section (every fab mag HAS to have a psychic), and photo-rich coverage of local alternative events.  Solitude Magazine is definitely eye candy.  The photographs are divine, the models are unique and the fashion is … swoonable.

solitude 2 Loving the Solitude: New Alternative Magazine Allure


With a 20 year background in media myself, I rate it at the top of its genre and, genuinely only had two minor criticisms.

Firstly, many of the ads and events covered seemed to be slanted particularly towards a Brisbane (and maybe, Sydney) audience.  To be fair, I know that Solitude is new, are based in Brisbane, and that they do take advertisers from all over Australia, and of course, that there are only so many stories they can cover in one magazine. I’m just not sure that I felt that all the states were represented.  So much beautiful alternative loving-up goes on down here in the south…I hope they shine their light on us before too long.

Secondly, I would love to see a few more in-depth feature articles that dig right into the nitty gritty of the hidden zones of the vast and varied alternative lifestyles.  I’m pretty sure this is coming though, because Solitude’s Director, Daryl, gave me a sneaky hint into the next issue, pegging it as a bumper release focussing more on the ‘personal’ from people in the alternative industry.

Solitude certainly has it’s niche all sewn up, with it’s inaugural event, Brisbane’s Unleashed coming up next March, set to skyrocket the magazine even further up that Top 20 list.

It will definitely appeal to all those seeking a mag tailored to the ever-growing love for all things Kustom Kulture, pin up, rockabilly, steampunk, vintage, peculiar, offbeat and dare I say it again…alternative.

solitdue Loving the Solitude: New Alternative Magazine Allure

Available online and at newsagencies nationally, (and about to launch in New Zealand), this is a part of the print media that is carving a permanent piece of rainbow-coloured turf out of all that black bitumen currently available.

Solitude Magazine can be found at (True Blood fans unite and dance in vampiric rejoicing as soon as page loading begins) and on their facebook page.

For Angelica Minx readers who want to love up some Solitude, you can purchase it directly from them at $7.00 a copy including postage if you buy directly from their site AND within 14 days of this post.  Be sure to mention that you are an Angelica Minx reader to obtain the deal.


Note: Angelica Minx was not paid, coerced or promised anything for this post.  She did receive a copy of their magazine to review but, in the future, she will also accept expensive bottles of bubbles and maybe some Mayan Gold chocolate for good measure.


All photographic credits go to Solitude Magazine and D.H.A Media Group Pty Ltd.

Inking Love, Zombie Sass, BloodArt and Cherry Blossom Wishes

Inking Love, Zombie Sass, BloodArt and Cherry Blossom Wishes

media pass 300x300 Inking Love, Zombie Sass, BloodArt and Cherry Blossom Wishes

I have just returned from having had my ink fetish petted and my pinup wardrobe obsession pampered.  I feel entirely loved up creatively and I still have another two days to fill my ink well up because the inaugural Melbourne Tattoo and Body Art Expo is on tomorrow from 12-10pm and Sunday from 11-7pm.

audrey 300x300 Inking Love, Zombie Sass, BloodArt and Cherry Blossom Wishes


Today was just a taster for me…to sample the delights from each stand, to gush girly love over the fashion, and to gaze lustily at the phenomenal body art around every corner.  I have to tell you that I felt so ultra bare and utterly boring, although I did get three random compliments on my tailored sailor pinup dress (Thanks SandraV).  I wish I had invested in some temporary tattoos or at least a very large Audrey-style coat to hide my lack of inky loveliness.


tatt expo Inking Love, Zombie Sass, BloodArt and Cherry Blossom Wishes

Supremely talented purveyors of tattooing and body art lined the expo walls, making me feel very jealous that I was supposed to be ‘working’ not shopping for tattooist potential. Adam from TenTen Tattoo got me the most hotted up and wistful while I watched Therese add to her creations.

Then came the realisation that my ridiculous excuse for inky love may be my undoing when I discovered a stand full of Japanese tattooists at play.  I spent some time hiding the three tiny Japanese characters I have tattooed on my back from view while I was checking out their work.  I was certain one of them was going to laugh, point and exclaim, ‘Why do you have *** (insert a word you really wouldn’t want tattooed on your back) on your shoulder blade”.  It’s supposed to say dolphin in Japanese but to be honest, the source from whence it came was rather questionable (an ex-boyfriend who, having returned from an exchange student trip to Japan, purported himself as being fluent in Japanese).

So, today was the first day of the first Melbourne Tattoo and Body Art Expo.  It wasn’t as busy as I had envisaged but it was a Friday and most people would have planned to visit after work tonight or during the weekend.

The stream of people entering the expo was steady, and clearly a committed bunch; gorgeous pinups, burly girls, scrumptious looking men with sleeves to swoon over and even funky Mum’s getting temporary tattoos put on their delightful mini-me’s.

With a full, crazy weekend loaded with fashion parades, tattoo contests, burlesque acts, Zombie Pin Up Pageants as well as the 99 stalls, exhibitors and artists, I have no doubt that this Melbourne show will be a resounding success.

319103 117065711729082 100002769611716 63584 1201816227 n 300x300 Inking Love, Zombie Sass, BloodArt and Cherry Blossom Wishes

So, who did I meet today and who gets the much sought-after Minxy Merit points (I just made that up, but I’m sure you’d want some)…

  • Craig from Ruff n Ready.  I’ve never met him, (facebook doesn’t count) yet he greeted me with a hug. Anyone who does that gets a whole stackload of Minxy Merit points.  Plus he has hair spiky enough to take an eye out.  Fabulous pinup, rockabilly, tattoo, punk and Kustom Kulture goodies served up to you by a seriously up-to-stuff chap with a truckload of awesome things in the works, including bringing Mad Sin, the legendary Psychobilly band, out from Germany (stay tuned).  I’m a huge fan – that hug was yum.  You’ll see more of Ruff n Ready on Angelica Minx in the coming weeks. Find Craig and Ruff n Ready at Booth 108 (near the bar).
rrlogo Inking Love, Zombie Sass, BloodArt and Cherry Blossom Wishes
  • Diner of the Dead…enter pin up bliss.  If the Angelica coffers had been full enough today, I would’ve bought the entire rack.  Polka dots, leopard print, cupcakes, cherries, halter necks…delicious cheesecake heaven with a side order of zombie sass.  I am going to place a very large Christmas order and request that my stocking is entirely filled up with goodies made by this gal.  If you’re going to stop by and check out their stand, have money and be prepared to have it grow wings.
diner of the dead 300x300 Inking Love, Zombie Sass, BloodArt and Cherry Blossom Wishes
  • Twisted Sailor – hairbows, clip and jewellery vintage heaven.  Comic book super heroines, spiders, pin up girls, dotty prints, nautical themed bows, cherries…sigh.  I have an already established addiction to hair accessories and earrings. Finding Twisted Sailor was all kinds of bad news for my now-void-of-savings savings account.
twisted sailor 300x300 Inking Love, Zombie Sass, BloodArt and Cherry Blossom Wishes
Tomorrow I’m worshipping at the altar that is Dr Rev Bloodpainter.  I’m not quite sure what to expect from an artist who hooks up a direct IV line into his forearm and uses his own blood to create uniquely confronting bloodart.  I’m a tad nervous and very, very excited.
I may just have to finish off the day with a new cherry blossom tattoo if I can convince someone to do it for a tickle and a hug (oh, and a year’s worth of free blogging).  Any takers?
Minxing It Up at Melbourne Tattoo and Body Art Expo

Minxing It Up at Melbourne Tattoo and Body Art Expo

6900EC17 0D4D 4853 B8BB C85EE24893C30 Minxing It Up at Melbourne Tattoo and Body Art Expo

Despite feeling a tad minxy in my vintage navy themed wiggle dress and funky new hair, I feel rather tattoo- less. En route to Melbourne Tattoo and Body Art Expo, I have just realized how void of colours and art my body really is.

9BE0245E 1DBA 44DB 8CB9 04555C653F611 Minxing It Up at Melbourne Tattoo and Body Art Expo

With the exception of one minuscule black Japanese character tattoo on my right shoulder blade, I am sadly free of creative body art. Who knows, maybe today might be the day that my much desired full back cherry blossom tattoo is born.

I’m getting butterflies just thinking about it.

So, what’s on for today? Three hours of perusing 99 phenomenal artists, countless retails, pin up parades and fashion shows. Goddess my life as Angelica Minx is hard.

EA21FFC7 1DB1 4C62 912B 11297D4C1BE42 Minxing It Up at Melbourne Tattoo and Body Art Expo

Top of my lust, oops, an interview with the unique and unrepeatable Dr Rev Bloodpainter. Hooked up to his airbrush via an IV in his forearm, he creates beautiful artwork in his own blood. Truly life mimicking art.

More to come as I tweet and blog throughout the day.

Angelica xxx

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